IbD process intensification case studies

IbD has developed 6 case studies, available for download, on the following topics:

Case study 1: Metallic Powder Processing

Case study 2: Ceramic Powder Processing

Case study 3:  Mineral Beneficiation

Case study 4.1: Pharmaceutical Processing I

Case study 4.2: Pharmaceutical Processing II

Case study 5: Intensification of Chemical Processing Involving Solid Reagents

Download Publishable PI Case Studies

The 6 case study teams (made up of host industrial plants, academics, modelling experts, PI experts, process analytical technology (PAT) experts, fouling experts and life cycle analysts) designed, modelled, built, demonstrated and validated intensified technologies according to the following tasks:

Task 6.1 Standardised Approach to the Implementation of the PI Case Studies. Each case study utilised standardised tools which form the basis of the IbD platform to guide their approach to implementing PI technologies into their processes. This included the KBE system (tool for shortlisting intensified technologies), the TRIZ methodology (tool for novel idea generation/problem solving), various built-in-modules (where applicable) to aid design tasks and the fouling/PAT toolbox to aid ancillary system design.

Task 6.2 Design and Planning of the Demonstrators. Each case study designed a demonstrator unit for implementation on their process (or a model/pilot process in some cases). A comprehensive experimental programme was also devised for each case study to evaluate the benefits of the PI technology (from the point of view of cost savings, energy savings, life cycle benefits, etc.)

Task 6.3 Building and Testing of Demonstrators. Each case study built and commissioned a demonstrator unit for validation, including PAT systems and consideration for upstream/downstream processing.

Task 6.4 Validation of the Demonstrators. Each case study performed comprehensive experiments to determine the benefits of the PI technology, and to compare the results with modelling results from the design phase.

Task 6.5 Analysis and Recommendations for Further Scale-Up. Each case study performed a comprehensive analysis of data from the previous tasks in order to make final conclusions and recommendations for the future implementation of the PI technology they investigated. Depending on the case study, this included recommendations for scale-up of the technology to production scale (although some case studies operated at production throughput throughout the work package), recommendations for upstream/downstream modifications required for uptake of the technology and an evaluation of the technology’s current TRL (technology readiness level).

The deliverable details the public (i.e. not confidential) outputs from each of these tasks.

Download Publishable PI Case Studies