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  • Presentation of the IbD® platform at SPIRE Workshop, 1 October 2018, Brussels

    IbD officially presents the freemium version of the IbD® platform at the SPIRE Workshop “Towards Industry 4.0: Digital Technologies in Process Industry”, 1 October 2018 in Brussels. . The workshop programme can be downloaded here. The IbD® Platform aims to be a comprehensive working environment that assists the Process Intensification (PI) designer along each stage […]

  • IbD final meeting at Treviso, 17-18 September 2018

    The IbD consortium is having the final project meeting in Treviso, Italy on 17 and 18 September 2018. In the last months of the Project, the IbD platform has been finalised and a set of case studies has been developed, demonstrating the benefits of process intensification for solids handling applications in different process industry sectors. […]

  • IbD process intensification case studies

    IbD has developed 6 case studies, available for download, on the following topics: Case study 1: Metallic Powder Processing Case study 2: Ceramic Powder Processing Case study 3:  Mineral Beneficiation Case study 4.1: Pharmaceutical Processing I Case study 4.2: Pharmaceutical Processing II Case study 5: Intensification of Chemical Processing Involving Solid Reagents Download Publishable PI […]

  • IbD results available online

    Public deliverables originating from the IbD projects are provided here: Public outputs from WP 2 Methodologies and Tools Public outputs from WP3 Process Intensification Modules Public outputs from WP4 PAT and Control solutions of intensified processes IbD® Platform Freemium Version More material will be added soon!

  • IbD exhibited at ACHEMA 2018, 11-15 June 2018

    A joint booth with contributions from 10 different SPIRE projects have been displayed in the Research and Innovation Hall at ACHEMA 2018, the world leading fair for the process industries. The IbD space showed the concept and latest results of the intensified by design project.

  • Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning 2017

    Madrid will host the next International Conference on HEAT EXCHANGER FOULING AND CLEANING, June 11-16, 2017. The goal of this conference is to facilitate innovative thinking and to explore new theoretical and practical approaches to address the tremendous challenges associated with fouling of heat exchangers. It will also provide an opportunity for experts from industry, academia […]

  • General Meeting M13 at Almirall facilities

    General Meeting M13 at Almirall facilities

    IbD project partners met on September for the General Meeting M13 at Almirall facilities (Barcelona, Spain). During the meeting the partners did a round of presentations by work package and a workshop focused on the case study with the end users, to generate synergies between all the partners involved in each case study.  

  • IbD at SPIRE Projects’ Conference 2016

    IbD at SPIRE Projects’ Conference 2016

    Erwan Guillotel, IbD project coordinator, was discussing the approaches and innovations of IbD at SPIRE Projects’ Conference 2016 (Brussels). The conference aims at creating possible synergies and actions across current SPIRE projects focussed on process optimization.

  • This is not an electric heater

    This is not an electric heater

    Very recently I have joined IRIS, an advanced engineering company that provides in-line monitoring solutions to various industries ranging from pharmaceutical to chemical and from food to agriculture to name a few. We have got our own product portfolio but also offer custom-made solutions to respond to specific requests from the market. One key asset […]

  • International Symposia of Reliable Flow of Particulate Solids, Skien (Norway) – 13-15 June 2017

    International Symposia of Reliable Flow of Particulate Solids, Skien (Norway) – 13-15 June 2017

    Our IbD partner Tel-Tek is co-organising the fifth edition of the RELPOWFLO symposium. The series of International Symposia of Reliable Flow of Particulate Solids, “RELPOWFLO”, was started in 1985 in Bergen, Norway and organised by Powder Science Technology (“POSTEC”)  research group in cooperation with the Working Party on Mechanics of Particulate Solids (WPMPS) of the […]